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Linea – the historical classic

星期五, 十二月 4, 2009

A heavy duty machine that has helped launch the finest independent coffee bars as well as the global leaders in specialty coffee retail, the LINEA sets the standards by whichall other professional espresso machines are judged. Thanks to its saturated brewing groups and dual-boiler technology, the LINEA performs consistently in the highest volume settings.

Product specifications

  • Dual-boiler technology and saturated brewing groups
  • Stainless steel boilers & brewing groups
  • Omni-directional stainless steel steam wands
  • Solid stainless steel housing and base
  • Sight glass for water level monitoring of steam boiler
  • Semi-automatic back-up system on all AV configurations
  • Available automatic (AV), semi-automatic (EE) and mechanical paddle (MP)
  • 5 Group configuration available on special request Certifications


*not available in the one group configuration

  • *High base (for larger cups sizes x= +2,5cm./1in.)
  • High legs (x= +7,5cm./3in.)
  • *Cup warmer
  • *Chronos keypads (AV configuration only)
  • *High wattage heating elements
  • *PID Temperature control
    (proportional integral derivative)
  • PortaflonTM kit with coated portafilters
    and steam wands
  • *Barista lights

Technical specifications


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    你好,想請問有進口Linea PB嗎? 謝謝

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    請問Linea Classic 1gr 價格是?

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