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GS/3 – the “lite" professional

星期五, 十二月 4, 2009

La Marzocco’s GS/3 dramatically resets standards for performance among home and light commercial categories. It compares favourably to the finest high volume machines on the market today. In a tiny footprint, with water reservoir or plumb-in options, GS/3 suits home use and has sufficient steam power and performance recovery for many commercial applications including restaurants, catering and professional offices.

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The wunderkind of Bill Crossland, La Marzocco’s chief engineer in the US, this machine was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate home machine, running on North American power (110 V, 15 amp max service).
Where other companies stumbled or compromised to meet these power requirements, Crossland and La Marzocco hit a home run.

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Product specifications

  • Dual stainless steel boiler technology and saturated brewing groups
  • 3.5 Liters internal water reservoir
  • PID temperature control (proportional integral derivative)
  • “Cool touch” stainless steel hot water wand
  • Stainless steal steam wand §
  • Multifunction keypads and digital display
  • Internal volumetric pump
  • Brew water pre-heating system
  • Available in the mechanical paddle (MP) version

§ Stainless steel steam wand available only on 220v version.
The 110v version is equipped with a “cool touch” stainless steel wand.

Technical specifications

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