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星期一, 十一月 30, 2009


Electronic version with volumetric dosage of brewed coffee.

  • 6 doses touch-pad
  • Touch-pad control for programming independent coffee dosages for each group
  • Manual switch for semiautomatic brewing
  • Automatic hot water outlet (2-4 gr)
  • Electronic cup-warmer
  • Automatic water refill (A.W.R.)

Options on request

  • Counting systems
  • Mixed hot water outlet (2-4 gr)
  • Display (2-4 gr) *
  • Cappuccino maker
  • LatteCaffèLatte (LCL)
  • Gas heating with safety valve and automatic switching on
  • Built-in motor pump
  • Serial interface for external connection
  • Auto steamer (2-4 gr; machines equipped with Display only)
  • Milk frothing wand
  • Raised groups

* The display allows the setting and control of the following functions:

  • Automatic turning on/off operations
  • Working temperature of cup-warmer
  • Warning to indicate softener regeneration is needed

And the display of:

  • Current boiler temperature
  • Boiler pressure
  • Warning light to indicate principal malfunctionings
  • Counting of single coffees per group and totalization

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