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Plus 4 You TS

星期三, 八月 3, 2016
Plus 4 You TS is a machine from Astoria’sGreen Line: these machines have a low environmental impact and can reduce consumption by up to 47.6%* compared to traditional coffee machines.
Thanks to an innovative software that manages the automatic standby during operating pauses, the night Energy-saving feature and the intelligent adjustment of the temperatures, Plus 4 You TS distributes the power only where and when it is needed.
Quality is ensured by an innovative control system that manages the single groups in all phases of coffee extraction, from pre-infusion to dispensing.Its design is entirely new with striking dynamic lines, which further enhance its excellent performance in terms of quality in the cup and energy saving. The most evident new visual trend concerns the display, with the introduction of an ample, next-generation capacitive touch screen designed to combine functionality with cutting edge aesthetics.

Modularity is one of the key concepts that identifies Plus 4 You TS: the steam boiler, the water reservoirs and the electronic control system allow independent operation of each group.
With Plus 4 You TS it is possible to:

  •  program the coffee water tank temperature for each single group
  •  program the pressure of the steam
  •  continuously and constantly produce steam with a dedicated boiler
  •  guarantee only the minimum temperature variations of the coffee water (max. +/- 1°C) compared to the set value


  • Plus 4 You Pro: 2 standard steam arms, perfect for professionals who prefer manual control at all times
  • Plus 4 You Autosteam: 1 automatic steam arm (capable of independently heating and frothing milk to a predetermined temperature) and 1 standard steam arm.
  • Carbon-fibre & chrome
  • White & chrome
  • Red & Black
  • Grey & Black


The Astoria Plus 4 You TS is the latest generation of Astoria’s flagship espresso machine.
Over four decades’ worth of experience, innovation and Italian engineering have been channelled into the creation of the Plus 4 You TS, and the result is an extremely smart and adaptive machine – one that puts the world of espresso at your fingertips.

Thanks to Astoria’s intelligent brewing technologies, the machine is capable of monitoring every shot and providing real-time feedback to the user.

Control is paramount with the machine and the biggest improvement that Astoria has made is with the introduction of a Colour Touch Display. This touchscreen allows users to have complete control over the brewing process by giving them the ability to alter water and group head temperatures as and when necessary.

Making espresso coffee has never been this easy.

As well as being a simple-to-use control point, the touchscreen displays vital statistics such as weekly, monthly and annual drink charts and energy usage.

The Plus 4 You is also part of Astoria’s Green Line, a range of coffee machines that have a low environmental impact and can reduce energy consumption by a massive 47.6%* compared to other models. This is possible thanks to the machine’s innovative software, which is capable of regulating power usage, and by activating standby modes during quieter periods of the working day.

As well as the above features, the machine has an electronically controlled cup heater, raised groups – to accommodate a wide range of cup sizes – and a visible LED illuminated work area.

There is also a USB port, which allows site managers and baristas to save and share settings and brewing parameters across different machines.

Finally, the Astoria Easy Plus 4 You TS is the official competition machine of the World Latte Art Championships. Organised by World Coffee Events and founded by the Speciality Coffee Associations of Europe (SCAE) and America (SCAA), this tournament attracts the world’s best baristas – and they all use this machine.

Team with a high quality coffee grinder and this is one of the most exceptional and innovative coffee machines on the market at any price point.



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