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Plus 4 You TS

Plus 4 You TS

Plus 4 You TS is a machine from Astoria’sGreen Line: these machines have a low environmental impact and can reduce consumptio... more

產品訊息 (ASTORIA)

產品訊息 (SLAYER)

Slayer 單頭咖啡機即將誕生

Slayer 單頭咖啡機即將誕生

Slayer 單頭咖啡機即將誕生 Slayer 1 group 是部專業咖啡大師們的夢幻咖啡機. 這部... more

Video – Slayer on Bizarre Foods

We just received the DVD from the Bizarre Foods – Seattle episode. Check it out below. If you’re ha... more

週邊商品 (other products )

Cafelat 拉花鋼杯 0.5L (17oz)

Cafelat 拉花鋼杯 0.5L (17oz)

Our new milk jug is an absolute beauty. Designed on and off by Paul Pratt over a few years to incorp... more

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客制改裝 (Customized)

活動訊息 (Event)


11/13~11/16南港展覽館4樓L區725,726 有很多商品只有咖啡展才有優惠喔~ ... more


11/14~11/17南港展覽館4樓 有很多商品只有咖啡展才有優惠喔~ ... more

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